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Hi folks!  The view ain't bad!

I’m settling nicely into Atlanta, and enjoying all the exciting work in my new job as the Web Services Librarian at GSU.  We’re hard at work on a new website, so keep your eyes open for the groovy new features we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, here are some speaking gigs I’ve got lined up for this month:

I’m really looking forward to doing both presentations, and to taking part in the post-talk dialogue with librarians (always my favorite part!).  So sign up, show up, and let’s have a conversation!

I had a great time in Ft. Myers for TechLearn2009 last Friday, and heard some great talks on literacy and brain science, how to invest in learning, e-branches, and much more.  I was delighted to give the opening and closing keynote speeches, LEARN and TECH, both shown below.  A great big thank-you to everyone there for making me feel welcome, and especially to Lee LeBlanc for inviting me!

I had a great time speaking to the North Georgia Associated Libraries group!  The crowd was great and very responsive:


I got to speak on gaming and libraries, something that I had not spoken on before.  Although we do gaming at MPOW as part of our marketing and outreach services, I had never delved into the topic.  Once I got started, I learned a lot and started making some connections between different ideas.  For example, I will occasionally play with social norms, doing such things as breaking the boundary between public and private space, speaking in non-gendered terms, etc. (you know, just for fun!).  These and other ideas are explored in my presentation:

I had a great time at the WVLA conference!  I met some great librarians, had some awesome conversations, and got to do a short version of It’s All About the User at the awards luncheon (which always includes my silly opening video/joke):


The Greenbriar was super-swanky, I had some great fancy meals, and I got to meet some cool vendors (yes, I did say that) in the “secret” Congressional bunker where the office space is.  Thanks to everyone for showing me such a great time, and I hope to visit again soon!

The highlight of the conference’s programming (for me) came on Day 3, when I got to sit front and center to see danah boyd present on social network sites. Always a brilliant thinker and speaker, she definitely wowed the audience, and got us fired up to defend user’s rights and work toward making tomorrow’s internet even more valuable.

After that I presented Crafting the User-Centered Library. I recorded myself in the session and have created a slidecast:

After my session, I had a great lunch with friends and spent the afternoon watching the Pecha Kucha session. As always, the conference was a blast, and seeing some of the leading thinkers in LibraryLand was a true delight. Thanks again everyone for a great conference, and I hope to see you all again soon!