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Here’s some of the projects I’ve been working on in the last few months:

  • GIL-Find — An installation of the VuFind social catalog interface.  It’s currently being tested at several institutions across the state, and ours is one of them!  The students love it, and it’s way more functional than our Voyager catalog (relevance ranking and persistent links!  w00t!).
  • Vtext — A DSpace digital repository for VSU.  It’s stable and running, now the fun part:  marketing to faculty!
  • I built Odum Library Search applications for Facebook and MySpace as part of a forthcoming writing project.  I’ll talk more about it when it comes out.
  • Pagan Archives Network — I’m working with several Pagan Studies scholars to develop a web-based finding aid for primary and secondary resources.  It’s still in development, but a few Pagan librarians have already started to volunteer their time to develop taxonomies and work on finding/inputting collections!
  • — Volunteering as a researcher, pulling together research and photos for their site.  Give them a tax-deductible donation!
  • And last, but not least, I just did a re-design of using the Go Green template.  I hope you enjoy!

I’m sitting at the Atlanta airport, slowly working my way back to civilization. After four days in “da woods,” it can be hard to slip back into librarian/speaker mode. Going for four days without checking a watch, refreshing my email, and without any “have to” or “must” events really puts me in perspective. I’m trying not to “speed up” too quick (which is hard to do in an airport).

Here’s a taste of what I enjoyed…I look forward to our next gathering, but am excited to get revved up about librarianship again!


I have now officially packed for 12 days on the road.  From now until Monday I’ll be camping in the back woods of Alabama with my Pagan friends.  Then I’m off to Internet Librarian 2008 in Monterey, CA, where I’ll be presenting twice.  Then off to my sister’s in San Diego (this time sans forest fire) for a little R&R. So three very different trips are all packed into three small bags (one of which will stay in Alabama).  I will have more detailed stories soon, I’m sure!

I’ve been doing lots of cool stuff at work, and I hope to be all rested up from my blogging sabbatical to tell you all about it!  Here we go!

Thanks again to everyone from Brazil for the opportunity to speak at the 4ª Conferência de Wicca & Espiritualidade da Deusa.  Here are some pictures from my session, as well as an awesome t-shirt and book I got as “thank you” presents!  Sweet!

CWED2008: Reactive vs. Proactive Karma

CWED2008: Factors to consider

CWED2008: The crowd!

CWED2008: Asking Cliff a question through the Interwebs (and a translator!)

Gifts from Brazil!

Saturday I was picked up from the airport by friends and we went to see Margaret Cho at the Tabernacle; as always she had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. We then went out dancing, and finally got to sleep at about 2:30am (a great way to round off a day of international flights!). After a few hours of sleep, we woke up early and drove back to Valdosta so that I could speak to the 4ª Conferência de Wicca & Espiritualidade da Deusa.  I gave a speech on Karma and Responsibility via Live Messenger.  Rose and Lulu did a great job of translating for me, and Claudiney (as always) was excellent at coordinating the presentation.  Although I was unable to see the audience, they were able to see me, and luckily some of my jokes successfully translated.  There were great questions after the presentation, and I hope that one day I will get to meet all these great Pagans in person!