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About Cliff

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Hi! My name is Cliff.

I am the Digital Initiatives Librarian at the Atlanta University Center’s Robert W. Woodruff Library in beautiful Atlanta.  I am also a researcher, author and speaker on information organization, linked data, the role of emerging technologies in libraries, social network sites, user-centered service, assessment, and the co-evolution of humanity and technology.  I have a diverse range of interests both within and outside of the library field, which help inform my unique perspective on the future of libraries.  For more, check out my CV. If you are interested in getting me to come speak to your group, please send me an email at the address below.

I am also a High Priest of the Faerie Faith, a Pagan religion. I began my training in Alder of 1999, and received my 5th Solar (3rd degree equivalent) on Winter Solstice of 2006.

For fun, I’m a hobby craftsman. I make books, candles, and soap, and have learned to knit, sew, and do woodworking. There are many crafts I have not yet learned that are on my list. My favorite mediums are paper, jersey, leather and duct tape.

Also for fun, I teach swing dancing (East Coast & Savoy Lindy Hop), hoop and firehoop. Needless to say, I keep busy.

Feel free to email me at:


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