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Upcoming speaking gigs

Hi folks!  The view ain't bad!

I’m settling nicely into Atlanta, and enjoying all the exciting work in my new job as the Web Services Librarian at GSU.  We’re hard at work on a new website, so keep your eyes open for the groovy new features we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, here are some speaking gigs I’ve got lined up for this month:

I’m really looking forward to doing both presentations, and to taking part in the post-talk dialogue with librarians (always my favorite part!).  So sign up, show up, and let’s have a conversation!

One Response to “Upcoming speaking gigs”

  1. hey that is Atlanta, those buildings look kinda familiar..

    oh oh.. you should go to Little Five Points.. its got a nice pagany shop.. or it did many years ago..teheh..


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