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A little bookbinding fun

I did this book, entitled “The Journals of Cambrin de Soto” (hence the big “C” on the cover) for my awesome, hilarious, and talented friend Jenica.

Cambrin's Journal 001
Cambrin's Journal 010

Cambrin's Journal 029

Cambrin's Journal 061

Cambrin's Journal 072

Cambrin's Journal 077

Thanks to Jer for taking some of those photos!

2 Responses to “A little bookbinding fun”

  1. OOH…… Ahhhh….. Gorgeous, Baby! You do good work. :)

  2. A little update — it’s become an in-game treasure. There was suspicion of a total town wipe last event, and the character who currently has the journal sent it away with the Couriers for safekeeping. He carries it on him at all times. :)

    Thank you again!

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