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North Georgia Associated Libraries

I had a great time speaking to the North Georgia Associated Libraries group!  The crowd was great and very responsive:


I got to speak on gaming and libraries, something that I had not spoken on before.  Although we do gaming at MPOW as part of our marketing and outreach services, I had never delved into the topic.  Once I got started, I learned a lot and started making some connections between different ideas.  For example, I will occasionally play with social norms, doing such things as breaking the boundary between public and private space, speaking in non-gendered terms, etc. (you know, just for fun!).  These and other ideas are explored in my presentation:

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: gaming libraries)

Some of the resources that I talked about that weren’t linked in the presentation include Jason Griffey’s work on ARGs, and various TED videos, including Susan Blackmore on temes and Kevin Kelly.

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