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Connecticut Library Association

I had an awesome time presenting at the Connecticut Library Association conference on Monday. I presented It’s All About the User–I’m taking a clue from Michael’s Hyperlinked Library and serializing the presentation.

It was extremely well received (packed house!) and I got some great questions at the end.  A big “thank you” to everyone for being kind and receptive–even when I spilled coffee all over the presentation table!



After the presentation I attended Lee Rainie‘s session on Web 2.0, and learned a lot from his presentation on Pew‘s data results.  At one point someone brought up Twitter, and sure enough, I raised my cell phone, having just posted on the talk.  It was a great session, and Lee was entertaining, warm and insightful–his anecdotes lent a real-world awareness to statistics that often feel  far-removed for many librarians.

Presentations over, I had a working dinner over the phone and then headed to the Spa for a haircut and a massage–a rare treat!  I crashed early since I was up at 3am to fly back the next morning.

Now it’s back to daily library work and catching up on emails!

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