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The perils of deleting accounts

Looks like I’ve been cited–somewhat accidentally.

A couple of months ago the Librarian In Black discovered a video that I had put up on YouTube for my Tantalizing Technology workshop. It was designed to show how faculty could use online videos for their classes or departments. My original response to Sarah is here.

A couple of months ago I was consolidating my online identity, and decided to delete the YouTube dummy account that contained the solitary video, since it was intended to just be an example, and was not formally “adopted” by the library. Today, I received an instant message from Heather at DePaul University, who pointed out that the video had been cited in a College & Research Library News article. Uh-oh! When she typed in the URL, it says the account was deleted due to terms of use violation (which is untrue, it was just plain deleted).

Sarah’s original response to the video raised questions about where information desks should be placed. This new development raises new questions for me:

  1. How will we manage our online identities throughout our lifetimes?
  2. What do we (as librarians and indexers) do about media that is constantly being updated/moved/deleted?
  3. Where is that darn video?!?

If it still exists at home somewhere (I’ve searched all my work stuff), I’ll repost to my “official/personal” YouTube account, and link it here. Otherwise, it may just be lost forever.

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